The background of Impactist is heavily steeped in the American public school
system. Thus, the creation of the Field Trip series.

With a family that is embroiled in public education, it's no wonder that Kelly
Meador, one half of Impactist, makes note of those years spent in the classroom
during her adolescence. There is an uncanny level of generosity and kindness
one requires to participate in the field of classroom education. And, fortunately
these attributes have not only rubbed off on to Kelly, but have also largely
influenced her visual work.

Where Kelly has been an insider to these institutions and their occupants, Daniel
Elwing stayed to the sidelines and waited for the call to participate. The other half
of Impactist, Daniel then returned like a tired cliché: The student became the
teacher. After witnessing both sides of the academic equation, it was then that
a true appreciation for both teacher and student could be fully developed.

In total, Kelly and Daniel attended six different schools during their elementary
educations in Tennessee and Oregon.
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