Behold! The school field trip. Take yourself back to those years when a field trip
felt like a vacation. Out of the classroom and into the real world, students are
bussed out into the world. The sweet candy shell of the field trip obscures the
true contextual learning intent of the event.

The lessons learned and knowledge collected can be vividly recounted and mentally
reconstructed. These short projects reflect back on those excursions with focus
on isolated moments therein. Like these outings, the techniques employed in the
creation of the series are as varied as the days lesson and classroom syllabus.

Early in a child's education, they are introduced to various forms of learning. Some
are identified as visual learners more apt to absorb instruction through pictures
and sight, while others are found to learn more quickly through sound and speech.
Yet, the first form of learning a child exhibits interest in is kinesthetic. The discovery
and the interaction of the world around them is explored first by touch. Field Trip
is an attempt at combining both visual and audible forms of communication into
a sort of synesthesia resulting in a kinesthetic experience.

Field Trip is a series of motion and sound compositions relating to and exploring
first and second hand experiences in regards to contextual learning. This series
is an autobiographical account of the grade school activities of Impactist. A total
of six motion and eleven audio compositions comprise the series.